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At Fagan Geriatric Wellness and Rehabilitation, we have over 30 years of clinical practice combined with specialized training in an evidence-based approach to wellness and rehabilitation in the geriatric community. We serve Cheatham, Davidson, Macon, Montgonery, Roberston, Smith, Sumner and Trousdale Counties.

For those visiting our clinic, we are located inside The Manor of Gallatin at 143 Prince Street in Gallatin, TN. Parking is available at the side of the building, and the front entrance is wheelchair accessible.


Both Mike and Kathy have continued their education, focusing on the geriatric population and providing evidence-based evaluation and treatment of movement and functional deficits.  Kathy has earned the distinction as a Functional Strategies for Optimal Aging Expert (FSOAE) and a Geriatric Trained and Certified Clinical Specialist (GTCCS) as well as a board certified Geriatric Certified Specialist (GCS).  There are currently only fifty-five Geriatric Trained and Certified Clinical Specialists practicing in the US.


Check out our website for a full description of services at Fagan Geriatric Wellness & Rehabilitation | Services (faganrehab.com)


Our mission is to provide a dynamic approach to successful aging. You may not be experiencing any movement problems right now, but what if you are developing tendencies or deficits that, if uncorrected, could lead to future problems?  Healthy living is a moving target, so it’s important to periodically check your status.


Physical Therapy is the key to recovering function after a serious illness or injury.


Are you or a loved one experiencing falls in your home? Are you moving into a new home and are uncertain if the environment is safe and functional?  Fagan Rehab can provide an evaluation of the home or living space and make recommendations to remove fall hazards and/or change configurations related to fall risks.


Fagan Rehab provides a positive, enjoyable, and evidence-based experience with excellent outcomes for clients with deficits common in the geriatric population, including:

Adult Functional Independence Test


Balance and Fall Prevention

Chronic Pain (focusing on neck and back)

Continence Care

Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy

Home Safety Evaluation


Parkinson’s Disease

Sciatic Nerve Impingement

Spinal Stenosis


Therapeutic Exercise


Q How are Fagan Geriatric Wellness & Rehabilitation Services paid for?

We accept Medicare and many commercial insurance programs, in addition to cash, check, VISA and Mastercard. Please call our office at (615) 334-6983 for more information.

7 Reviews for Fagan Geriatric Wellness and Rehabilitation

ESO 1 Reviews
Excellent and committed company
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It’s hard not to notice the commitment they have to being excellent therapy providers.

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Rose Grace 1 Reviews
Great Physical Therapist
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Mr. Fagan is an awesome therapist. Not only is he very personable and friendly, he is very knowledgeable, and careful regarding your therapy. He wants you to perform to the best of your ability, but he doesn’t believe in people hurting themselves. So even though he is massive he’s like a gentle giant. Very conscientious about one’s recovery and healing.

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Great Service
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Robert is so great! I love his work and he’s working wonders with me and I hope that you all will keep him coming until I am much better and he is a wonderful time. thank you!

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Gregory Ford 1 Reviews
Physical therapist
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Robert is the best therapist I could have possibly gotten to come to my house. He goes out of his way to do so much extra for me.

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1 Reviews
Awesome service with Fagan Geriatric Rehab and Wellness
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Mike and Kathy are the best home health therapists my spouse has ever had treatment with. We have used them off and on for the past few years. We trust them with my husband’s care and really do not want anyone but Mike or Kathy for his PT needs. They offer many services besides that and continue to receive further education in geriatric care and other services. You will definitely not be disappointed with going with them for your care.

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Donna 1 Reviews
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Mike and Kathy both have always went above and beyond to be sure my mother receives the care that she needs . Mike is wonderful with my mother and makes her comfortable and is great at noticing when she’s not her self and that something’s going on. We will not have any other therapist but him! The knowledge that they have is incredible and so helpful.

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Carol 1 Reviews
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Mike Fagen is absolutely great with my husband.. he is always in great mood so he makes everyone else feel good. He works him out in fun ways getting him to enjoy his therapy.. we’ve never had such a good experience with a therapist.. he is always taking classes to keep himself current.. we appreciate that. I’m glad o have an opportunity to to rate him.

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