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Our mission is to be a change leader in the caregiving industry by elevating caregivers and providing a measurably superior employment experience, and offering the most complete care package for clients, resulting in measurably superior care outcomes.

This isn’t just a nice idea that we use as a marketing tactic. Rather, everything we do is focused around our mission, and our whole team devotes their heart and soul to this mission. We believe that by being the best employer around, we will attract the best caregivers who love their work and provide great care to our seniors. And we believe that in-home care is a vital piece of the puzzle of caring for seniors at home, however, it is only 1 piece. So we form strategic partnerships with others who share our values to help complete the puzzle of senior care and lead to the very best care outcomes for our seniors. Speaking of values, our Core Values are:

  • Take ownership
  • Assume the best of others
  • Aim for 5 star service
  • Be humble and teachable
  • Look for and share goodness
  • Do the right things for the right reasons
  • Leave people better than you found them


We are a family-owned business serving the needs of seniors in Sumner, Davidson, and Wilson Counties. Now in our 12th year of operation, Preferred Care at Home has built a reputation for providing quality care services by experienced and well-matched caregivers, and an all-star management and customer service team behind them. Our caregivers are the best in the industry and our customer service is both personable and responsive. We provide care based around your needs and schedule, and we have clients who we visit for just 4 hours per week all the way up to 24/7 and everything in between. It is our mission to improve the lives of our seniors by providing caregivers that truly become friends to them rather than simply caretakers. Because of our core value to “leave people better than you found them”, we will never pressure you to begin care with us, and we will do our best to offer unbiased feedback and advice – even if that means we don’t serve you! All of that also comes from our core value to “do the right things for the right reasons.” Call today for a no-pressure no-cost in-home assessment!

If you’re still hesitant, feel free to check out real reviews from real clients by clicking here.


Q Do you have a minimum number of hours?

Our minimum is 4 hours anytime the caregiver comes out. Our caregivers have families to provide for also, so having 4 hour shifts helps ensure that they aren't spending all their time in the car and not earning a living.

Q Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Absolutely! And we're happy to provide documentation of that if you desire.

Q Is there a contract?

No! We understand that health and family situations are very fluid and that it's impossible to predict the future. Our goal is and has always been to help families, and we find that we're best able to serve by giving families the flexibility that they need. This doesn't mean that we don't have papers to sign, but none of the paperwork binds you in any type of contract. Stop, start, add hours or days, take off hours or days as your needs change. You are in the driver seat!

Q Will I get to know my caregiver?

Yes! Everyone is happier when they get to know each other and feel comfortable. Our promise is to always provide as few caregivers as possible so that you can have as much consistency as possible. Having a new person in your home is no fun, so we want to minimize that as much as possible!

Q What are your rates?

Our typical rate is $27 per hour. We also offer "live-in" care options for $19 per hour. Don't let the term scare you - it's just another way of providing care around the clock but the caregiver will stay for 1 or 2 or 3 days straight rather than changing caregivers every 12 hours.

Q Why Preferred Care at Home?

We LOVE this question! The short answer is because we are the best caregiving agency around! We know that's a big claim but we have data to back up that claim.
Because of our mission to provide a superior employment experience and a superior care experience, we have partnered with a 3rd party satisfaction management company called HomeCare Pulse. They have access to our complete caregiver roster and client list, and they randomly call 5 clients and 5 caregivers each month to conduct a phone survey. Based off feedback and scores from our monthly surveys, our overall caregiver satisfaction averages 94% (remember happy caregivers are more reliable and provide better care), which helps our overall client satisfaction to average 93%.
If you really care about satisfaction, you measure it. If you really really care about satisfaction, you measure it and then take the feedback both good and bad, and use it as opportunities to improve. This is exactly what we've done.
With Preferred Care at Home you will not have a perfect experience, and we know that because our scores are not 100%. But you will have the best experience possible. You will find a genuine company that is honest and transparent with you and your loved one, and when a mistake is made, you will experience a company that owns the mistake and strives to make it right and not repeat it (our core value to be humble and teachable).

Q Where can I read reviews about Preferred Care at Home?

There are many reviews on our google listing from both clients and caregivers. You can also see a number of reviews from our Satisfaction Surveys at this URL